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August 2012

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Summer Bucket List - Christmas Shopping!

I'm pleased to announce the Bucket List started off wonderfully with a full day yesterday! Jordan and I woke up bright and early on Saturday to get a few things done before taking off to Moline, IL. I was excited to put on the T-shirt and match my man, and mainly just antsy to put an 'X' through the first check-box :)

And we were off! Sort of... we took a much needed breakfast pit-stop in Kewanee. French Toast sticks for me & a Whopper for Jordan if you must know; but then, we were back on track. Moline is a little bit over an hour away from where we live, and quite a few people from our County travel there to shop. On the way to the mall, Jordan and I went through and completed our list of what to buy for our friends and family for Christmas. I wanted to be very thorough, although our Bucket List said "majority" I wanted to get ALL Christmas shopping done and over with. It's June! I want to be able to say I've done this!

As soon as we walked into the mall we got right down to business, walked into the first store and completed six people on the list! We weren't at the mall for as long as I figured we would be. When I think of 'completing all Christmas shopping' it just sound so daunting. It sound like a day-long, stressful task. Honestly, I had some of the Christmas shopping done before yesterday. I have done it throughout the year, just as I see things when I am out shopping. And I already had a rough draft of who to buy for, and what to buy for them. I think those two things saved us time and stress yesterday!

I carried that list with my everywhere! It was the key to sanity.

Jordan did his share of the shopping, I was proud.

No Christmas designs? I guess it's not time for Christmas wrapping and bagging yet.

We completed so much of the list! All we have left to do is purchase a couple gift cards, and we will be able to say it is perfectly done and final. We're going to say it's done at this point, because we know exactly what we still need to get, and because we want that label of victory NOW. :)

I'm very sure crossing off the item on the checklist was the best part of the day. We had several people stop and look at our shirts, and couple asked about the shirts (which was my reason to get the shirts; I love to cause a good scene). It is just nice to finally have something to show the people who ask in the future! I crossed off Jordan's and he crossed off mine.

The first event of the Summer 2012 Bucket List was a success!


I would love to know what you bought to get some ideas for my own xmas shopping!